1. Armando in the woods

        Armando in het woud, foto: Ernst Moritz/16
      2. In spring 2014 MOA will open with an exhibition entitled Armando in the Forest

        Armando in the Forest presents Armando’s work for the first time in its new museum setting. The art displayed in each room connects with the historic architecture and the traces of habitation still visible in the house. The shutters will be left open to allow visitors to experience the natural environment around the house as part of the space and the art. Oud Amelisweerd will provide fertile new ground for a number of important themes in Armando’s work, such as Nature, landscape, time, memory and the melancholic. The exhibition revives and updates a number of features of the house and the surrounding estate.

        As the house’s new ‘occupant’, Armando brings a versatile collection of art to Amelisweerd. Armando in the Forest showcases the full breadth of his work: a cross-section of disciplines, themes and time periods. Ceramics, bronzes, lithographs and drawings are on display in the seven rooms on the ground floor of the house, including the two Chinese salons. The eleven rooms on the first floor have been reserved mainly for Armando’s paintings. A number of them have come straight from his studio in Potsdam and have never before been on display to the public. In De Verdieping on the top floor of the house, there is a presentation of Armando’s literary and audiovisual work. The history of the wall coverings and the occupants of the house also feature in the exhibition.

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