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Rapportage uit Europa over de vooruitzichten en ontwikkelingen m.b.t. Data & Insights

• MOA – data and insight association - Netherlands [WvS] The MI results are still very positive, however, there are some concerns with regard to 2023 due to inflation
• VDMI – traditional market research association – Austria [RS]. The mood in Austria is a neutral one. Although results showed optimism from overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic, there are concerns about inflation. VDMI expects that research interview costs will be 10% higher. The association is also pessimistic about 2024 because the budget for 2023 is already set out. It was noted that because of the status of the VDMI association, there are currently no plans to allow other non-traditional businesses to join. At present their key focus is traditional market research bodies.
• MAP – Market research and data analytics – Bulgaria [EO]. Overall, there is pessimistic outlook ahead, namely because of inflation and oncoming recession.
• SEDEAK – Traditional market research body (predominantly data analytics clients) - Cyprus [SK]. Concerns about inflation and economic downturn resulting in a more pessimistic outlook from the association. Business has already started to slow down in Cyprus.
• SEDEA - Traditional market research body (predominantly data analytics clients) - Greece [LK]. The mood in Greece is low due to inflation. Businesses are not yet affected, however, projection for next few months is likely to be more pessimistic.
• AIMRO – Traditional Market Research Suppliers – Ireland [DB]. The MI is still consistent with the current outlook, there is a reasonable degree of positivity. Main challenges facing Ireland are recruitment and retention – it is a candidate’s market in Ireland, which means salary inflation alongside cost-of-living inflation, so the challenge is how to pass these costs to clients.
• ADM –BK [Germany]. The MI results are quite consistent with the current outlook. Before the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, expectations were high and there was generally a more positive outlook. This year ADM has had positive reviews from members, however, there are ongoing concerns about how things will develop. There is a shortage of employees – many positions across members remain unfilled.
• MRS – Diverse portfolio - UK [DH]. The MI results are consistent with current outlook. Businesses are very busy, however, there are concerns about the talent pipeline and consistent vacancies that businesses have been unable to fill. Research managers/project managers are causing the most challenges, there is a lot of salary pressure from other industries, and within the context of a volatile financial environment, employees will be seeking higher wages.

Source: Efamro annual meeting October 12th 2022

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